Emperor Lord Nasher Alagondar



Half-eleven (Sun) male, 95
First Emperor of Imperial Neverwinter, Previously 19th King of Neverwinter (city-state)

The Emperor’s elven heritage is prominent in his appearance, a man of 95, Nasher Alagondar looks nary over 55 and makes no great deal to hide his pointed ears. While he no longer has the fitness of his youth, the Emperor has not become soft in his old age. Only a fool would challenge Lord Nasher to a duel.

Having spent the majority of his life no richer than his hands could make him, Alagondar is by far the least extravagant ruler to exist in recorded human history, donning the fruits of his position only for ceremonial purposes. This principle he has made great efforts to pass on to his only child and heir Marrora Alagondar-Norbridge.

As an Emperor, Nasher Alagondar has strived to unite the many human kingdoms under his rule, and has successfully and peacefully acquired several, as well as some of the numerous non-human nations, with his campaign against the frequent raids by denizens of the Underdark


The bastard of an Elven noble and his human servant, young Nasher Alagondar left his birth home of Westspire and spent 5 years as a road-mercenary, before winding up in a Neverwinter jail cell. He spent another year in prison, before being released on good behavior and joining the Neverwinter gaurd. During the conquests of Wailyn the Mad, Alagondar was part of Neverwinter’s contribution to the Northern Alliance forces. During the war Nasher Alagondar rose naturally through military ranks, becoming a general by the 3rd wave effort. Having lead the siege on Castle Vallwrahven, Nasher Alagondar was granted Lordship in the province of Neverwinter. Years later, Lord Nasher Alagondar entered into courtship with the 18th King of Neverwinter, King Paloma Norbridge. The two wed in 491, and Lord Nasher Alagondar was crowned Queen. In 492 Paloma died during childbirth, and Nasher was briefly crowned The 19th King, before the eventual Imperialisation of the Northern Alliance. In 495, Lord Nasher Alagondar, 19th King of the city of Neverwinter, was crowned the First Emperor.

Emperor Lord Nasher Alagondar

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