Knights of Neverwinter

Game Recap s.1
Everything so far

After passing their individual final exams, Thraxus the Tiefling Monk, Eldith Battlehammer the Dwarven Bard, and Deekin Scalesong the Kobold Bard were matched together to complete their final test as heroes; working together as a team.

After being rudely awakened early in the morning by members of the Neverwinter Academy staff, the heroes were introduced to their final mentors, and professional heroes of the empire; Evelyn Moss and Helmsman Desther. The two informed the party that their final test was to delve into an ancient tomb and retrieve The Amulet of Yarmouth, one of five legendary artifacts made by the devious necromancer Wailyn the Mad in his conquest of the continent 70 years ago. Since the destruction of the most infamous artifact, The crown of the Mad King, by the Emperor Lord Nasher Alagondar himself, the other remaining artifacts hold more historical value than anything; a perfect find for young strapping adventurers.

After a brisk hike into the Forest beyond the capital city walls, Evelyn, Desther, and the party parked it at the base of a huge rocky bluff. The adventurers eventually discovered a secret mark in the stone, and after a quick ritual, were thrust onto the dark bowels of the Tomb. After being separated while crossing a perilous ravine, and falling prey to and ancient slide trap, the heroes were reunited on the beach of an underground lake. A few Sahaugin inhabiting the lake had rescued the fallen party members, no doubt with nefarious intentions. Eldith cast ‘charm person’ on the Sahaugin’s leader, Steve, and quickly diffused the situation. Thraxus and Deekin began the swim to the floating pedestal in the middle of the lake which held the true Amulet, while Steve offered Eldith the treasures he had collected from previous adventurers in an attempt to get in her pants. Thraxus and Deekin made it, Amulet in hand, but Deekin flipped the fuck out, claiming he saw ‘a spider, but underwater’. Thraxus, Deekin, and the other two Sahaugin, Bob and Jeff, were attacked by a giant octopus, presumably there to protect the Amulet. A great battle ensued, the highlights of which include Steve stabbing the octopus with an ethereal trident, and Thraxus ripping out one of it’s eyes. The octopus fled into the depths of the lake, pursued by Bob and Jeff. The party, using a magic artifact given to them by Evelyn, teleported the fuck outta there before the charm spell wore off. The heroes returned to camp successfully and where showered in applause. For their success, the heroes were given the day off.

The next day, the heroes received invitations for their graduation dinner, hosted in the Academy great hall. At the feast, Lady Aribeth de Tylmarande, head of the hall of justice and future boss of the players, gave a small congratulatory speech for the graduating class, before joining her fiancée Evelyn and coworker Desther at the faculty table. The headmaster went next, Janine Carterwitch, held a toast, but was cut-off by her wine glass shattering and her sudden death. Bursting through the stain-glass windows of the dining hall came waves of cultist-assassins, slaying student and faculty alike. Trapped in the hall, the heroes received a telepathic message from Helmsman Desther, instructing them to flee and find Professor Abernathy, one of the magic professors, and to ‘check the barn’. Beating down the chump blocking the stage-left exit, the heroes ran, dragging their shit-faced companion Deekin, through the screaming chaos of the academy assault.

Busting in just in time to watch Abernathy pulverize some fools, the party was tossed into a secret room behind a bookshelf, which lead to another secret passage, which lead into the Academy’s stables. Unfortunately, the cultists were one step ahead of them, Thraxus managed to convince the cultists he was one of them, along with Eldith, but Deekin totally blew their cover and unleashed a sick solo on his lute. Defeated by the cultists but not yet dead, Desther, Evelyn and Aribeth show up to save the day, only to have the cultists teleport away with the creatures in the barn like total scrubs. Unconscious and unwell, the heroes are evacuated as the Academy burns to the ground.

Waking up in the Hall of Justice’s medical bay two weeks later, the heroes are told of the tragedy, and unceremoniously given their badges of justice. Now among the 25 survivors of the Academy fire, the Heroes must set out to recover the four Waterdavian creatures, and with them, hope for a cure to the wailing death.

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