Lady Aribeth de Tylmarande

Your Boss


Half-elven (moon) Paladin of Tyr, 75

High counselor of the Hall of Justice and right hand to Emperor Lord Nasher Alagondar, Lady Aribeth de Tylmarande has dedicated her life and service to the Empire.

Weilding a Greatsword bearing the Imperial Eye, Aribeth mostly performs overseeing duties as Head of the Hall of Justice, but Gods help you if ever you find yourself at the tip of her blade.

Lady Aribeth is engaged to Evelyn Moss, the two plan to wed after the plauge is dealt with


born in 428 in Galesend, a town in the Woods outside old Neverwinter, of uncertain parentage. The Galesend population was wiped out in a raid, leaving her the sole survivor. Vowing vengeance, in the ashes of her home town, young Aribeth began an obsessive quest for vengeance. Spending the formative years of her youth traveling with numerous mercenary bands, Aribeth remained on the road until she was trapped in a sudden blizzard. Rescued by a one-armed man she believed to be an avatar of the god Tyr, Aribeth was taken to a monastery. Recovering her health there, she trained to be a Paladin and joined the 478 3rd wave war effort.

During the War, Aribeth’s talents where crucial both to the defeat of the Mad King, and the saving of many thousands of lives. Lady Aribeth was personally there during the siege on Castle Vallwrahven. Aribeth was given her titles as prize for her service.

Lady Aribeth was elected by Emperor Lord Nasher Alagondar to be Head of the Hall of Justice, and as such in charge of the investigations surrounding the Wailing Death. Aribeth had personally donated funds to the creation and training adventurers at Neverwinter Academy

Lady Aribeth de Tylmarande

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